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Energy Recovery Ventilator Wall Mount Type

Delta Electronics ENERGY RECOVERY VENTILATOR (ERV) WALL MOUNT TYPE – VEB100ATH-W can efficiently intake filtered fresh air from outside. The ERV model is designed with slim shape, which is space-saving, easy-to-install and most suitable for a standalone room. The product adopts energy-saving brushless DC motor and high-efficiency two-stage filters, effectively filtering smogs and PM2.5 that are harmful to human bodies, with purification efficiency rate up to 98%. The fresh air mode enables indoor/outdoor air exchange, while the air purification mode purifies the indoor air, just like an air purifier. Besides, the ERV can automatically monitor the indoor air quality (PM2.5, CO2) and then switch modes smartly. The energy recovery core can adjust indoor heat and moisture, alleviating the loading of room air conditioner.

◢ VEB100ATH-W: 110V

◢ Suitable room size: Below 65 m²

Product Introduction

Features & Benefits

◢ Energy-saving Brushless DC Motor
◢ High-efficiency Two-stage Anti-bacteria Filters
◢ Dual Functions – Air Purification Mode and Fresh Air Mode
◢ Automatic Monitoring of Indoor Air Quality (PM2.5, CO2)
◢ Quiet Operation
◢ Three-year Limited Warranty (specified in the product warranty details)

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