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High Efficiency

Double Protection Fresh Air System

DELTA Indoor Air Quality Solutions

High Efficiency Brushless DC Motors

These motors produce less heat and consume less power, reducing the overall energy costs of operating the ventilation system.

Perfect Quiet for a Better Living

Delta fans use low noise impeller and scroll design that move a large amount of air at reduced RPMs, they are so quiet that users might not even know they are on. In low speed , the wall-mount series only has 26 dB as the library background.

Three stage High-efficiency Filters, Double Protection

Our system delivers exceptional indoor air quality through a triple-layered filtration and removes a broader spectrum of contaminants.


Delta Electronics renovates conventional fresh air & purification technology and launches high-efficiency fresh air products & system, for the increasing requirements of better indoor air quality and for the prevention of serious air pollution due to heavy smogs these years. Delta has technology breakthrough not only in the aspects of PM2.5 purification, energy recovery, and quiet operation, but also in brushless DC motor and consistent power control technology.
Delta Electronics FRESH AIR SYSTEM intakes the outdoor air, and then filters and purifies the air efficiently before delivering air to the indoor space. Meanwhile, the system can exhaust the indoor stale air to the outdoors, achieving the whole-house ventilation. Users can obtain high-quality fresh air, even when the whole room is enclosed and airtight.

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The analysis report finds that the main culprit behind the global rise in carbon emissions is energy-related combustion emissions, with extreme weather being one of the primary causes. Last year witnessed record-breaking heatwaves and cold spells worldwide, leading to a significant increase in the demand for cooling and heating, resulting in higher carbon emissions.

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Customer Satisfaction
Square Feets Transformed

Breathing Life into Indoor Environments

Where clean air meets smart living

We provide seamless integration of advanced technology and scientific expertise to deliver tailor-made indoor air quality solutions that optimize health, comfort, and productivity for every space.

Consultation and Assessment

Our experienced team conducts an initial assessment of your indoor environment to customize the perfect indoor air quality solution.

Professional Installation

Our skilled technicians seamlessly install the chosen system, utilizing state-of-the-art technology and precision.

Final Calibration and Training

Once installed, we perform thorough calibration and provide you with comprehensive guidance on operating and maintaining the system.


Green Pro Certification – First in the segment of Ventilation Fans to be certified by CII – IGBC as a Green Product.


North America UL

Thailand TISI

China 3C

Japan PSE

Taiwan BSMI

Green Pro Advantages


Building Material and Equipment (BMR Credit 4)-Number of certified green building materials used will gain 1 Credit point.

EE Mandatory Requirement 2-Minimum. Energy Efficiency Requirement and Mandatory requirement-15 Credit points.

IEQ Mandatory-Minimum Fresh Air Ventilation requirement 1. (ERV and Fresh Air Supply Fan) No Credit points

IEQ Credit 4 Minimize Indoor and Outdoor pollutants-1 Point (ERV and Fresh Air Supply Fan)


MR Credit 3- Certified Green Products – 1 Credit Points

RHW Mandatory Requirement 2 & RHW Credit 2 Enhanced Ventilation Design Mandatory Requirement – 2 Credit Points

IEQ Mandatory-Minimum Fresh Air Ventilation requirement 1. (ERV and Fresh Air Supply Fan)- No Credit points

EE Mandatory Requirement 2 & EE Credit 1- Mandatory Requirement – 10 Credit Points

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