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Wall Mount
Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Perfectly Green, Perfectly Quiet

Double Filtration, Double Protection

HEPA Filter
Eectively ltering
smogs/ PM2.5

Clear Visual
Large monitor
LCD screen

Safety Protection
Voltage protecting,
Anomaly detecting,
Cover open –
automatic power o,
Fireproof plastic material

Brushless DC Motor
Energy-saving, Silent,
Longer life

High Efficiency ERV Core
Adjust heat & moisture

Pre-filter (Outside Air)
Primary filter

Automatic Monitoring,
Mode switch
CO2, PM2.5

Pre-filter (Return Air)
Primary filter

High-efficiency Filters,
Double Protection

PM 2.5 purification of 98%

High Efficiency DC Motor

Multiple Filter

Indoor Air Circulation & Purification

Silence Operation

Multiple Safety Protection

Three Years Warranty

Ideal for Year-round Uses

Operating year-round, Delta ERV accommodates indoor temperature & humidity in different seasons and optimizes the
functions of air conditioning. High efficiency motors save energy & save bills in the long term.

vs. Traditional ventilation equipment with AC motor
Annual AC power consumption

decreasing by 1 space between 469 KWh
Annual carbon emission decrease more than 360 kg.
ERV: 24-hour operation, 2160 hours per season
AC: 9 hours daily operation, 810 hours per season